ProTek® Solutions

Best solution and lowest lifecycle cost in the industry

The ProTek® solution affords significant savings as it provides exceptional corrosion and weather resistance over a long lifecycle, which is significantly better than traditional soft jackets, metallic enclosures and spray-up PFP systems, especially in the splash zone.

With zero maintenance, the ProTek® composite Passive Fire Protection (PFP) systems provide a projected design life in excess of 50 years in global climatic conditions, demonstrated by zero claims for products in service for more than 25 years on Oil and Gas installations worldwide.

Your best choice when protecting your assets
and personnel in hazardous areas

Solent Composite Solutions – Leading the Way

The ProTek® solution comprises multi-layer composite structural panels and mouldings mounted on a corrosion resistant frame providing an extremely lightweight rigid structure, capable of managing severe blast and wind loads. The versatile modular design permits rapid on-site assembly to accommodate pipes, tubes, cables and other penetrations, even in congested areas. ProTek® is vertically inert providing exceptional corrosion and weather resistance.

Why choose us

SCS key strength is the ability to convert concepts and designs into solutions through in-house expertise in materials, processes, testing and performance verification of composite product, including ProTek® PFP. This knowledge covers a wide range of matrix materials from epoxy resins to prepreg systems using glass, carbon and aramid fibres.


SCS selects from a wide range of processing options from hand lay-up, vacuum bagging, infusion and closed mould processes including many that have been developed in-house. Processing choices are based upon risk and cost analysis to deliver high quality products within an acceptable manufacturing timescale and budget.