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About ProTek®

ProTek® – Your only choice for the best Fire and Blast asset protection…

What is ProTek®

ProTek® is an incredibly strong and resilient composite material developed and used primarily for the manufacture of protective enclosures where fire and blast protection is required.

ProTek® is the leading solution available for the oil and gas industries and when evaluating lifecycle costs, performance, lifespan, maintenance costs and its environmental impact there is nothing better available.

Advanced engineering and composite material development

Solent Composite Systems (SCS) has an unrivalled track record in design and manufacture of bespoke jet fire and blast protection systems for highly demanding applications in the offshore oil and gas industry. SCS wide experience in this sector has built a strong portfolio of capabilities and expertise.

The ProTek® passive fire and blast restraint system embraces advances in composite material development, innovative conceptual design, rigorous FEA engineering and the highest quality manufacturing and site installation - safe turnkey engineered solutions.
ProTek® is widely used to protect equipment and personnel in hazardous environments - offshore and onshore.

Both for topsides and subsea applications the weight-performance ratio offered by composites is second to none. Being virtually inert there is zero corrosion risk and outstanding weather resistance thus ensuring a maintenance-free life for at least 30 years.

ProTek® may be manufactured in a range of size, thickness and shape thus offering engineers wide design freedom to fulfill very precise application requirements.

Jet fire & blast protection
Structural composite panel
Corrosion resistant steel frame

Design versatility
Lightweight & rigid structure
Integrated penetrations & vents

Quick & easy installation
Lloyds & DNV certification
Zero maintenance