Date: 2005/2006
ProTek® Protection enclosures were delivered for 117 valves and actuators with heights ranging from 2m to some in excess of 8m high. The requirements for the Snøhvit enclosures included Blast resistance from 100 mbarg to 700 mbarg overpressure with Jet and pool fire resistance for up to 90 minutes with maximum heat loading of 250kW/m². Thermal insulation with a temperature less than 65ºC within the enclosures during fire; even if the equipment itself was running at temperatures above ambient. Wind loads up to 100km / hour and ambient temperature range of -27ºC to +25ºC in saline loaded air
Products commissioned: ProTek® structural composite Enclosures
Client: Statoil/Aker Solutions
Location: Barents Sea, Norway




Customer requirement/ problem

  • Jet Fire, Blast and Noise protection of 117 safety critical equipment items
  • Resistant to challenging Arctic environment of extreme cold & high winds
  • Minimum environmental impact over 30 year life
  • Valves and actuators varying from 2m to 9m to be protected
  • Designs to accommodate existing plant layout with minimal alterations
  • All blast loads transferred to supports to avoid contact with insulated LNG pipelines
  • Lightweight enclosures to reduce weight and costs of support structures
  • Minimum maintenance to reduce risks for operations personnel
  • Safe, rapid access to equipment with lightweight, single person lift panels
  • Penetration features and ventilation details to suit operational requirements
  • Third party certification for each of the 117 enclosures
  • Technical supervision support throughout installation programme of all enclosures
  • Enclosure delivery to suit activities at site and to meet commissioning targets
  • To meet Statoil HSE requirements throughout project lifecycle


ProTek® Solution

  • 117 enclosures designed for each individual valve and actuator combination
  • Lightweight enclosures incorporate ProTek® structural composite panels and low temperature performance galvanised structural steel frame
  • ProTek® panels with encapsulated insulation materials eliminate leaching
  • Enclosures protecting 0.5m switch boxes to 9m high valve & actuator assemblies
  • Enclosures designed to fit around existing structures and features
  • Engineering using Finite Element Analysis techniques to verify blast resistance and determine connection loads to nearby structures
  • Enclosures delivered 40% less weight than equivalent metallic structures
  • ProTek® composite enclosures require zero maintenance throughout 30 year life
  • Enclosures include access panels of less than 20kg for single person handling
  • Enclosures evaluated individually to verify compliance with NORSOK and third party certification requirements with separate certifications for each enclosure
  • All equipment installed and commissioned at SCS premises before shipping
  • Enclosures flat-packed in cases within containers for rapid assembly once at site
  • Zero Lost Time Incidents throughout project from design phase to commissioning