standard-title ProTek® Lifecycle cost

ProTek® Lifecycle cost

ProTek® Lifecycle cost analysis and benefits

The ProTek® solution affords significant savings, manufactured from high strength structrual composite materials it provides exceptional corrosion and weather resistance over a long lifecycle.  This is significantly better than traditional soft jackets, metallic enclosures and spray-up PFP systems, especially in the splash zone.
A comparison of total lifecycle costs of ownership for ProTek® systems compared with traditional PFP products demonstrates that the installed CAPEX costs are similar to conventional soft jackets, metallic enclosures or PFP coating materials applied to steel, whereas the the OPEX costs of ProTek® are much lower.
ProTek® systems inccur no addional operating costs, compared to traditional methods that require inspection, maintenance and repair.  Consequently ProTek® systems do not feature on any inspection register and will not require further work over the 50 years operation in an offshore environment.

The above graph shows the CAPEX cost comparison between intumescent coatings, soft jackets and ProTek®.

There is zero additional operating costs for ProTek® PFP systems, whereas the need for inspection, maintenance and repair results in additional costs for conventional soft jackets or PFP coating materials. In severe conditions soft jackets and PFP coatings may need replacement during the life of the platform.

The graph below shows total cost of ownership over a 30 year period.  This clearly shows the effect of the inspection, maintenance, repair and replacement cycle required of coatings and soft jackets.  There are no such requirements for ProTek® system so the operating costs are zero yielding a much lower lifecycle cost over the platform life.