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ProTek® Modules

ProTek® Modules

ProTek® Modules are certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and are commonly used on offshore platforms and onshore petrochemical facilities where weight and space is always a constraint.

ProTek® composite panels which are designed to be bolted to a secondary steel structure, are used to manufacture a range of modules which includes freezers, accommodation and critical equipment such as calorimeters, this forms a sealed fire / blast wall that resists fire and blast loadings.

ProTek® composite panels are also gas and water tight and must also withstand wind and wave load acceleration movements under extreme climatic conditions. The high insulation properties of the ProTek® system ensures minimum temperature rise, thus providing essential integrity of the protected equipment. In addition ProTek® delivers sound attenuation up to 38dB(A) according to NORSOK R-004.

ProTek® is manufactured from an advanced composite panel system which is lightweight and has wide design versatility. Being virtually inert, there is zero corrosion risk and outstanding weather resistance, thus offering a maintenance free life for at least 30 years. In addition ProTek® does not contribute to water or air pollution Fire and blast performance is certified by Lloyds and DNV and will withstand a two hour jet fire test at 0.3 kg /sec gas release, and blast tests up to 1.5 barg.

ProTek® Module product performance

  • Fire Protection up to 2.5 hours Hydrocarbon (H-Class), Jet fire (J-Class) or Pool fire and Cellulosic (A-Class) fires - all fully certified by third parties, who have witnessed full scale tests.  These tests achieve heat flux up to 350 kW / square metre.

  • Blast Protection up to 1.5barg over pressure, plus suction loads – fully third party certified.  

  • Jet Fire after Blast - Tested to 1.3 barg followed by full scale jet fire.

  • Thermal Insulation - keeps equipment temperatures below 45ºC whilst jet fire outside is more than 1200ºC.  NO additional thermal insulation is required as it is incorporated into the ProTek® structure.

  • Sound Attenuation – up to 38DB noise reduction (fully satisfies NORSOK R-004 sub sections 6, 7 and 8)

  • Weather resistance - worldwide environmental conditions offshore onshore and subsea -50 to +50ºC continuous use and high wind and snow loads and ultraviolet and chemical resistance.  High temperature products for internal areas and modules can accommodate up to 120ºC service temperature

  • Zero pollution risk to water, air or personnel

  • Operations experience is very good permitting fast and easy installation and maintenance access to equipment using doors, lift off hatches etc. - means lower risk and lower cost.

  • Installation requires no hot work as it relies on mechanical fixings requiring no special skill or equipment and can be carried out by incumbent local site installation crews.  

  • No maintenance whatever is required using ProTek® products – we have examples that have been installed for 29 years with no problems of any kind and the product has a design life for this application of at least 30 years.

  • Products are lightweight minimizing structural support requirements, facilitating rapid installation and ensuring low HSE risk during operations

  • Zero claims in over 29 years in Oil and Gas installations worldwide