standard-title ProTek® – Composite Structure

ProTek® – Composite Structure

ProTek® – Composite Structure

Our world class product ProTek® is the product of many years research and development producing a clean, stable and incredibly strong and lightweight product that has an extremely long lifecycle – even when subjected to the harshest environments on the planet.

Nature leading the way

Taking nature as an extremely valuable source of composite structures we have developed ProTek® to be the leading system it is today. Wood and bone are naturally occurring composites; wood is made from fibrous cellulose with lignin as the glue, bone is a dense organic matrix with light inorganic mineral fibre holding it all together. Both naturally occurring substances are light and strong. Modern manufactured composites mimic this structure and use carbon, glass or aramid fibres that are then combined with polymers such as epoxies, polyesters, phenolics and vinylesters to form a matrix.

Reinforcing this composite material adds strength with comparatively little weight gain. Without the reinforcement the composite would snap under load, whilst the reinforcement on its own would bend or fold under pressure, combining the two produces an incredibly strong reinforced composite that considerably outperforms all competitive products in the market.

Artificial Composites

Taking our cue from nature, lightweight artificial composites have been developed and are currently used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. With this combination of manufactured composites we have stable, strong and lightweight products.

Modern polymers are combined with…

fibres to produce very strong, very lightweight composites.

Modern composite, lightweight, strong and very versatile.

Combined for strength

Reinforcing the composite material increases the strength to weight ratio considerably

Matrix only

Reinforcement only

Matrix and reinforcement combined

Core materials - maintain strength - decrease weight

Naturally occurring core material such as honeycomb is mirrored with artificial core materials. Very strong in some planes, it becomes incredibly strong when combined with reinforcement such as steel. Metals have the same strength in every direction but are heavy, combined with the matrix they become strong in all directions but the strength to weight ration increases significantly.

Honeycomb – naturally occurring core material

Manufactured core material

Very lightweight – low weight : high strength – manufactured materials