standard-title ProTek-Dek™ Structural Composite Decking

ProTek-Dek™ Structural Composite Decking

ProTek-Dek™ Structural Composite Decking

ProTek-Dek is a composite decking system for the reinstatement of the structural performance of old steel decks, which have corroded significantly through the life of the platform or installation. ProTek-Dek supports the lay down loads expected in busy areas whilst preventing further corrosion by acting as a sealed membrane preventing water ingress.  

ProTek-Dek is typically manufactured from a 12mm thick advanced composite sandwich panel weighing approximately 14 kg/m2 – one fifth the weight of a comparable sized steel deck plate. This means that the standard panel size of 2.5m x 1m can be lifted by two people without the need for heavy lifting equipment. Thicker panels can be made to meet specific requirements

ProTek-Dek has been extensively tested and demonstrates an ability to resist significant repeated local loadings without damage.  It satisfies design loads of more than 2 Tonnes; both as an evenly distributed load over every square metre as well as a local load over an area of 10cm by 10cm. 

Using a proprietary manufacturing technique the panels are moulded with a hard wearing non-slip surface capable of resisting damage caused in the harshest offshore environments.

Assembly is quick and easy using overlapped panel to panel joints that incorporate a neoprene rubber gasket which is finished with a UV resistant mastic sealant to maintain a seal to accommodate movement under repeated loading.  The panels are connected together using stainless steel fittings pre-installed into moulded panel recesses that results in a flush finish to the deck. 

The panel-to-deck fixings rely upon a standard stud fixing method normally used for attaching steel deck grating and the panels are provided with moulded holes to accommodate the gun that is used to fire the studs into the steel deck beams beneath.  Seals and gaskets are fitted into these recesses to maintain integrity against water penetration.

Undulations in the existing deck plate are accommodated by mounting the entire decking system on a network of rubber gaskets that hold the composite deck over the steel plate whilst maintaining the integrity to water penetration.

The resilient nature of the ProTek-Dek system ensures that the panels remain flat, which prevents pooling of water in local areas; an effect seen when a steel deck plate has yielded after loading and that results in areas of greater corrosion where water does not drain away.

ProTek-Dek is maintenance free for a period exceeding 30 years; the extended life of the platform.

Finish – Grey non-reflective, non-slip upper surface Smooth laminate finish underside
Thickness – 12 – 15mm
Weight – 12 -15kg/m2 (20% of the weight of steel deck plate
Panel Weight – 35kg for typical 2.5m x 1m panel
Temperature Range – -25°C to +70°C
Distributed Load – 15kN/m²
Load Capability – 16kN (for 100 x 100mm loaded area)
Panel Description – Structural sandwich panel comprising composite load bearing E-glass/epoxy laminate, bonded to resilient structural core providing a robust shear connection, which distributes static & dynamic compressive loads from the panel surface
Maintenance – Not required, panel design life exceeds 50 years
Chemical Resistance – Panels are completely resistant to organic acids, inorganic acids and alkalis, drilling muds, oils and petroleum products
Surface Protection – Not required, panel is corrosion free for life. Panel is resistant to ultra – violet radiation

Fixing and Installation

Hilti™  fixings at panel end joint

Stainless steel  fittings along panel edge joint

Quick assembly by bolting through pre-drilled holes at panel ends and edges

End holes are used to rapidly fix the panels to steel supports underneath the deck using Hilti™  fixings

Secure lap joint with sealing gasket and mastic prevents water penetration

Sealing and Handling

Sealed lap joints

Panels are provided with gaskets between panel edge joints

Rubber washers prevent water penetration around Hilti™  fittings

Lightweight panel may be handled without the use of lifting tackle or cranes