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Why ProTek®

Why you should choose ProTek®

ProTek® Passive Fire and Blast Protection

SCS ProTek® structural composites provide high performance asset integrity for the Oil and Gas industry in many critical applications, with over 25 years track record. Recent projects include large onshore gas LNG projects in Norway, which require industry leading risk mitigation solutions for passive fire and blast protection, and loss prevention – including personnel safety.

SCS has extended its reach to other territories globally where increasing safety standards require higher performance fire and blast protection, onshore and offshore.

SCS is registered with Achilles JQS and FPAL and was one of the first UK companies to achieve DNV certification in 2006 for an Integrated Management System, encompassing ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 – all currently audited today by Bureau Veritas.

ProTek® is an integrated lightweight structural solution for asset integrity complying with global standards:

  • Fire Protection up to 2.5 hours Hydrocarbon Jet fire, Pool fire – certified by third parties, with witnessed full scale testing.
  • Blast Protection up to 1.5barg over pressure, plus suction loads, wave slam, wind and snow loads,
  • Jet Fire after Blast – Tested to 1.3barg followed by jet fire.
  • Thermal Insulation – ensures equipment temperature remain below 65ºC without additional insulation.
  • Sound Attenuation – up to 38DB noise reduction
  • Weather resistance – meets worldwide environmental conditions – 30 to +50ºC continuous use, high UV and chemical resistance.
  • Zero pollution risk to water, air or personnel
  • Fast and easy installation with rapid service access to equipment by lift-off hatches – means less labour and lower cost.
  • No hot work required – nor special skills or equipment
  • Proven 25 years life with no maintenance whatever.
  • Lightweight ensuring low HSE risk during installation
  • Design life of at least 50 years, guaranteeing low life cycle cost

ProTek® Jet Fire Testing

ProTek® Blast Testing