Date: 2013
Supply of ProTek® Valve and Flange Covers for Sløvåg Tank Farm for hydrocarbon jet fire protection of 224 shutdown valves and neighbouring pipe flanges on 8 storage tanks.
Products commissioned: ProTek® Valve & Flange Covers (J60 hydrocarbon jet fire protection)
Client: Alexela Logistics AS
Location: Sløvåg Tank Farm, near Bergen, Norway




Customer requirement / problem


  • Protection of 224 valves & flanges on 8 oil storage tanks
  • Zero maintenance for minimum 20 year life
  • Rapid removal for maintenance or inspection purposes
  • Resistant to extreme environments, saline atmosphere & entirely impervious to rain, snow & ice
  • Certified Hydrocarbon Jet Fire (J60) protection
  • Simple and rapid installation by local site personnel
  • Lightweight protection covers as assembly is often restricted to one person
  • No hot work required during assembly or removal of the protection covers


ProTek® Solution

  • ProTek® Valve and Flange Covers supplied as moulded half-shells bolted together for rapid, low cost and safe installation
  • Fit and Forget – Non-metallic composite structures with no corrosion risk for minimum 30 year life
  • Bolted moulded half shells design ensures rapid removal
  • Advanced composite design with proven 25 year track record in offshore marine environment
  • Hydrocarbon jet fire performance certified by recognized Classification Societies
  • Lightweight ProTek® composite structures installed safely and rapidly by a single person
  • All ProTek® Valve and Flange Covers are bolted together meaning no hot work or handling of hazardous chemicals on site
  • Rapid installation by local site personnel with SCS training and supervision support